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People burn through the friends and family list very quickly after starting your business opportunity and have NO ONE LEFT TO TALK TO!

People either are not good at live prospecting in the mall or movie theatre line or simple don't want to do that type of prospecting.

People do not have the money to buy leads, that 9 times out of 10 are junk and are either a quick hang up or you are just to broke to even join a business opportunity.

People DO NOT want to cold call businesses or job seekers or other typical ideas your upline is trying to sell them on.

People do not know how to create your own systems with lead capture pages and other KEY marketing ingredients for your business

Nor do the know where to go to market or advertise without spending lots of money...

Discover How These Amazing Tools Will Make You Lots of Money!

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the best part

What Are The 3
Necessary Ingredients For a Proven System?

  1. You Need Prospects - The more Prospects you have, the more money you make! But what if you don't know how to tap into the endless stream of prospects?
  2. You need prospects to do business with you - The more effective you are at motivating prospects to join your opportunity, the more money you make! But, have you ever thought, "I'm not a salesperson?"
  3. You need your team to Duplicate #1 and #2 - the more Effectively you TRAIN your team to duplicate your efforts, the more successful you will be and the more money you make! But what if you aren't a great trainer or don't have the time to train your team effectively?

How the Viral Prospector System Provides the 3 Necessary Ingredients

  1. the Viral Prospector System has an Automated process to Generate Quality FREE LEADS for you. As well, it has many effective ways to drive a lot of prospects to your website and motivate them to enter your contact information so you only spend time with people (like you) who are seriously interested in making money from home.
  2. the Viral Prospector System Automatically sends unlimited follow up messages to your prospects educating them about how to successfully build a home based business. This makes you look like an expert at building a home based business, and increases the likelihood that prospects will do business with you.
  3. the Viral Prospector System provides you amazing training from Top Internet Marketers, who make millions of dollars a year online. As well, it provides you training from Top Network Marketers making $20,000 a month or more!

And the best part, is that all of this is easily available for you. When you learn how to Leverage the Power of the Internet, you can have REJECTION FREE marketing so you will have:

#1 - A Lot More Prospects
#2 - Prospects Much More Motivated to do business with you, and
#3 - The Necessary Training to be successful.

Systems Can Be Duplicated--People Can't!

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Here It Is In A Nutshell...

The majority of network marketers have no clue how to build a home based businesses. What is happening is that you are just being lead done a road to no where.

I think you would like to know how the successful ones are making the big money wouldn’t you?  Well it’s really not all that complicated and OUR System covers ALL the bases.…

It is pretty much just a three step process that leads you on the path to success.

First there is Lead Generation

  • Let’s face it if you are not generating leads that’s just about the end of the road.
  • Leads are like the fuel for your car…No Gas No Go. So if want to drive and drive fast…Fill Er Up!
  • The Viral Prospecting system will generate Quality Free Leads.

Then There Is Personal Branding

  • People do business with people they Know Like and Trust.
  • People do not join business or companies they join you if they feel that bond, and feel confident you are going to help them get the necessary knowledge and a system to build their business.
  • The Viral Prospecting System is a branding machine. From customized capture pages with your video to video postcards to our contact manager which keeps you right on top of things.

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Finally you want to Build A Relationship With Prospects Whether They Want To Join Your Business Opportunity Or Not!

This is KEY. And Nothing positions you better to do this than The Viral Prospecting System.

Don’t listen to the company when they tell you to eat sleep and breathe their opportunity. That’s the quickest way to nowheresville. Make the prospect want you whether they want your opportunity or not.

The Viral Prospector System Automatically sends out Quality Content about how to successfully build a home based business. Your prospect will think you wrote the messages and that you are an Expert at building a home based business.

They will WANT to contact you if they are serious about wanting to build a home based business. Don`t underestimate the power of this as people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

With our Quality Content (as opposed to what almost every other networker sends), your prospects will see you as someone who is an Expert, and has THEIR best interest in mind. Prospects WILL WANT you!

In addition, unlike any other system we`ve seen, we send an UNLIMITED number of follow up messages Automatically. This is very unique as we can literally continually add to the Autoresponder Campaign received by prospects so you NEVER need to follow up with them unless you want to and the EXTRA exposure they will get from our UNLIMITED Autoresponder Campaign will help them to REMEMBER you.

"You Get The Viral Prospecting System for ONLY $29.97 Per Month PLUS The Ability To Get It ABSOLUTLEY FREE By Referring Just 3 Members!"

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You Get The Viral Prospecting System for ONLY $29.97 Per Month PLUS The Ability To Get It ABSOLUTELY FREE By Referring Just 3 Members!

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Now what if you had a System to tackle ALL these issues and supply you with every tool you needed to succeed and more PLUS supply you with an endless amount of TRUE Qualified Leads...Then there would be many many more hitting those 6 figure incomes, besides the select few you normally see in a company!

You Have Nothing To Lose!

With a FREE trial AND the ability to "borrow" a domain while you test drive this powerful system, you will only GAIN from trying it! Once you try it, you WILL LOVE IT!